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Nappy rash can be such a pain in the behind for mom and baby

Nappy rash is a common skin irritation that occurs in babies' nappy area. It is caused by the skin coming into contact with urine and feaces, which can irritate the skin and make it more susceptible to infection.

Other causes of nappy rash include:

🍼 Wearing a wet or dirty nappy for too long

🍼Using harsh soaps or detergents to clean the nappy area

🍼Using scented baby wipes

🍼Having a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis

🍼Having a yeast infection

The symptoms of nappy rash can vary from mild to severe. Mild cases may only cause redness and irritation, while more severe cases may cause the skin to become cracked, blistered, or even bleed.

Here are some tips to help prevent nappy rash:

👶Change nappies as soon as they are wet or dirty.

👶Use a mild soap or warm water to clean the nappy area

👶 Avoid using scented baby wipes.

👶 Apply a barrier cream to the nappy area after each nappy change.

👶Let your baby's nappy area air dry as much as possible.

👶Give your baby nappy-free time as often as possible.

If your baby has nappy rash, here are some things you can do to treat it:

🚼Change nappies more often.

🚼Clean the nappy area with warm water and pat it dry.

🚼Apply a barrier cream to the nappy area.

🚼If the rash is severe, you may need to see a doctor.

In most cases, nappy rash is easily treated and goes away on its own. However, if the rash is severe or does not improve with treatment, you should see a doctor.


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